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The only standing desk in Singapore endorsed by physiotherapists. Learn how Altizen can support your employees’ health and wellbeing today.

More than a standing desk

It’s a health upgrade. Transform your office into an active workspace today.

Customise It

The Altizen app helps you control your smart desk, schedule goals, and track your daily progress.

Smart Reminders

Stay focused at work while Altizen gently nudges you to change your posture. Not at your desk? No problem. No unnecessary notifications when you’re not even there!

Activity Trends

Altizen knows when you’re not at your desk, or if it’s time for a posture change. And this is just the beginning. The more you use the app, the smarter it gets.

Smart Analytics

Find out how long you stand or sit, the number of hours actually spent at your desk, and calories burnt.

For Altizen

As the co-founder of a fast-growing startup, I work long hours in the office, and sitting all day is a recipe for feeling lethargic. With the Altizen I can switch to standing so easily and work at just the right height for me, keeping me active and at my best.

— Roger EganCo-Founder and CEO (Redmart)

Alternating between sitting and standing allowed me to do passive exercise. Having my screen at eye level also meant that I didn't put unnecessary strain on my spine and this has helped to alleviate my neck and shoulder aches. I really believe that the first step to improving our health is by changing our work and living environment. The Altizen is a great tool to help me change my posture with minimal effort.

— Grace GanSpeech Therapist (Health Food Matters)

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