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INTERVIEW OF: Joel Bates, Physiotherapist BIO: My name's Joel Bates I'm a physiotherapist at ONE Physio here in Singapore I've been a physio for 13 years now. What is MSD? MSD is Musculo Skeletal Disorder. It refers to an issue of…
Standup desks are the desks that enable people to work on them while standing up instead of sitting at them. Due to the adjustability of these desks, they allow individuals a lot of flexibility. People can alternate between sitting and…
The nine months of pregnancy are often the most blissful moments for every woman and her family. This is the time when women need extra care to help the fetus inside her develop into a healthy baby. With more women…
If you want to lose weight, regularly using a standing desk is a smart way to remain dedicated to a healthy level of activity throughout your work day. Tip: try standing for at least 3 hours each day. Standing burns at…
Humans are more sedentary now than at any point during history. We’ve gone from a species who spent their days roaming the plains to couch potatoes. Researchers have even coined the term "sitting disease" to describe the health effects of…
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