Big Brands Who Prefer Altizen Standing Desk


There’s a reason why 95% of our customers use
Altizen every day.

The Altizen transforms any worktop into a smart, height-adjustable standing desk. Endorsed by physiotherapists for
ergonomic design, Altizen tracks your desk activity, reminds you when to sit/stand, and keeps you healthy and active. Your
desk job doesn’t have to be sedentary.

Increase Productivity

Standing while working can make you more productive. Altizen will even remind you to sit/stand using sensors and a built-in reminder light.

Stay Healthy

The Altizen burns calories, strengthens joints, and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses. That’s why doctors and physiotherapists love Altizen.

Track Activity

Use Altizen’s smart app to track calories burned, time spent sitting/standing, and set goals to keep improving. Staying healthy has never been this fun.

A Joy To Use

Enjoy ergonomic design and effortless, motorised height adjustment. Whether sitting or standing, getting the perfect desk setup is simple.

Inside The Altizen Standing Desk

One-Touch Elevation Adjustment

A sophisticated, in-built electric motor allows you to quickly adjust the height of your standing desk. Get the perfect setup in seconds.

Resilient Build Quality

Precision-cut, cold-rolled steel and impeccable quality checks ensure our standing desks will stand the test of time.

Ergonomic Design

Altizen is where aesthetics and practicality meet. Designed over two years together with physiotherapists, our standing desks are a joy to use.

Ample Work Surface

A roomy 70cm x 45cm work area means a comfortable setup and enough room for all your accessories.

Personal Activity Coach

Smart sensors combined with Altizen’s mobile app track your productivity, time spent sitting/standing, calories burned, and remind you when it’s time to stand up again.VIEW ALL PRODUCTS