Altizen Active Support

Altizen sit-stand desk converters transforms your existing fixed-height desks into adjustable-height adjustable ones.
There are 3 key reasons why customers choose Altizen over other desk converters:
a. True ergonomics – All Altizens are designed and endorsed by professional therapists to be:
  • Motorised – so you do not have to do any heavy lifting
  • Have pre-set height – so you get to the correct standing and sitting height each time
  • Tilted at 98 degrees – for optimal screen-eye distance
  • Have a generous workspace – larger than others on the market, so you can use your full range of work equipment comfortably
  • Have independent screen height adjustment – so you ensure your screen is at the right height for your eyes
  • Wobble-free – so your screens do not shake as you type
b. Quality – we use top industry grade cold rolled steel for Altizen to ensure ultimate stability and durability that will last for years.
c. Flexibility – While rock-solid stable, Altizen is also light enough to be moved by a single person. You can easily move it from desk to desk or between offices. Altizen also comes with modular mounts for single, dual monitors and even laptops, so you don’t have to buy a whole new converter each time you change your set up.
These are the 4 key differences between Altizen Pro and Altizen Active:
  • a. Smart capability – The Pro is both motorised and smart, meaning that it can detect your posture, sense presence and track your daily movement through a smart app and in-built sensors. The Altizen Active is simply motorised, meaning it can electronically move up and down with a wireless handset remote control, and lacks the smart capability of the Pro.
  • b. Independent screen height adjustment – With the Pro, you can move your screen up and down without removing the screen. This makes it suitable for shared desks. With the Active, you will have to remove the screen in order to adjust the screen height.
  • c. Taller people – The Pro fits people who are taller, as it rises up 5cm higher than the Active. However, unless you are above 1.9m, this does not make a big difference.
The Altizen Active is designed in Singapore and assembled in China.
Altizen is made of laser-cut cold rolled steel, medium-density fiberboard and high-grade plastic.
We offer a complementary 2-year limited warranty. See details under Limited Warranty. This is extendable to a 5 year warranty at the time of your purchase.
Yes, the Altizen Active is designed to be very stable in any position.
Workstation height at seated position – max. 73cm above desk level.
Workstation height at standing position – max. 94cm above desk level.
Travel range of the worksurface – rises between 0cm (flush against the desk level) and 48.5cm above the desk level.
Travel range of the screen – 20cm.
The Altizen sit-stand converter can fit users between 1.4 meters and 2.0 meters tall.
As long as your desk is at least 70cm wide and 60 cm deep, the Altizen Active can fit your desk.
The Altizen Active is freestanding, so no clamps or drills are required.
The Altizen Active is shipped in 2 boxes containing the work surface, pillar, and base, which you can assemble using the tools provided in the box. You may require a screwdriver to mount your screen(s).
Turn on the power switch on your Altizen Active. Within 15 seconds of turning it on, press and hold the I and II buttons on the wireless remote for at least 5 seconds. You will see the blue LED light blinking on the remote to indicate successful pairing.
To clean surfaces, use mild liquid soap and water. Gently wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains. Dry with a dry soft cloth.
Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
24V dc
For each country that we ship to, the appropriate power peripherals will be provided.
One handset is paired to one desk. If you need to pair the handset to a new desk, just follow the pairing instructions again to pair to the new desk.
Monitors are not included with your purchase.
Altizen Active fits VESA-compatible monitors with the standard 75mmx75mm or 100mmx100mm hole pattern (seen at the back of the monitor). You can contact us at [email protected] to check if your monitor is VESA-compatible.
With the Altizen Active single or dual monitor modules, your monitor can be rotated 360 degrees and angled up to 15 degrees left, right, up or down. In addition, on the dual monitor module, you can slide your screens left and right to suit your preference.
The single monitor and dual monitor modules can fit screens up to 27 inch screens. The laptop module can fit laptops up to 17 inch.
Apple sell VESA-compatible iMacs if you specify this during your purchase. For some iMacs from before late 2012, Apple sells a mount that enables you to retrofit your iMac with a VESA mount. For iMacs from late 2012 onwards, Apple does not have a solution to retrofit it with a VESA mount. However, it is possible to place the iMac with its stand on the laptop tray of the Laptop Altizen.
Whether you are using a basic unit, single monitor, dual monitors or laptop modules, the maximum combined weight of your screens is 15kg.
No, you don’t. Altizen is modular. You can just purchase the modules under our Accessories section, and convert your Altizen to the new configuration within minutes.
Please email us at [email protected]
We sell and ship directly to customers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. We also have partners in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Philippines who can deliver to customers within those countries. See our Global Partners page for more information.
For all other countries, freight charges may apply. Please contact us at [email protected] for a quote.
After payment is received, our standard lead time for direct purchases is 2-3 business days.
The general delivery time frame is Mondays to Fridays between 9AM – 6PM. Please contact us at [email protected] if you need to schedule for specific timing. We will try our best to arrange it for you.
Unfortunately, we do not have an express service at the moment. You may self-collect but we will still need 2-3 days to make the item ready for your collection.
Yes, it can be done within 3 easy steps. Refer to our installation guide above.
Altizen can be assembled within 10 minutes in just 3 easy steps. There is an instruction manual with easy to understand instructions. If you aren’t comfortable with self-assembly, an optional onsite assembly service is also available during check out.