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How we started

There are many standing desks on the market. What drove us to make a truly ergonomic standing desk loved by 98% of our users? The answer is simple, a shared pain with many of our customers – literally, back pain. Yuying, our co-founder, was suffering from crippling lower back pain working long hours as a lawyer.

While standing desks helped relieve her discomfort, Yuying quickly realised she could do better than the current ones on the market. She understood that a standing desk had to be more than a piece of furniture. It had to be engineered for true ergonomics and designed to seamlessly fit into office workers’ normal work routines.

Gathering a team of Singapore’s leading designers, engineers and developers, she set out on a journey to radically change the way we work.

A new concept in ergonomics

A new concept in ergonomics

We believe in true ergonomics. Even though this meant a laborious 2 year long design process with board-certified physiotherapists. Even though this meant poring over each detail, from the 98 tilt of our pillar, to the 6mm radius of the worksurface and 360 screen adjustment. We made sure that every inch of the Altizen was carefully considered to ensure hours of comfortable productivity for our customers.

This is how Altizen became the only standing desk endorsed by leading physiotherapists.

The Altizen difference

Because we are standing desk users ourselves, we instinctively understood the importance of having a well-designed, good quality desk. After all, like us, most of our users spend at least 8 hours a day at their desks.

This is why each model of the Altizen was designed to be loved and used every single day. One-touch motorised elevation, a superior build quality and a generous workspace are just some of the reasons why 95% of our customers use Altizen every single working day(1). (1) 2018 survey of customer usage conducted by ideal Workspace

The Altizen difference