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Our mission

Altizen was founded with a mission to enhance the work day for everyone. We believe that when people are enabled to be active, they feel better, work better, and ultimately live better.

Our inspiration

The desk is the focal point of our work. It’s where ideas are born, decisions are made, and most of our day is spent. We sought to create a desk that would support us in our busy day, and serve the greater purpose of keeping us focused, motivated, and healthy.

Our Process

Ergonomics innovation is at the core of what we do. From the tilt of the shaft to the design of the sit-stand algorithm, every detail was crafted to optimise user comfort. We spent a year in research and development before building our first prototype, and another year of iterations and refinement, through rounds of testing and feedback, before Altizen was ready for the world.

Our people

Yuying Deng
Andrew Mcdonnell
Thomas Yang
Adnan Jalaludin
Siddartha Butalia
Yuying Deng Andrew Mcdonnell Shawn Lim Hank Chen Siddartha Butalia

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